Actionable Intelligence & Analytics

Delivering innovative solutions and strategic consulting that combine early alerts, and predictive models to help you address common challenges with customer satisfaction, retention and progression. We take pride in the rapid deployment and implementation of solutions that help transform and streamline your business processes.

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Reports & Dashboards


Data Discovery


Consulting & App Development


Solutions for Early Intervention

What We Offer

Our solutions easily integrate with your existing on-premise applications and information systems. This allows information, insights and analytics to be integrated into existing business processes and applications, increasing the use of data throughout your organization. Our ASI portal provides you with a platform for improving success and early intervention strategies among your constituent groups. Data-driven decisions, interactive dashboards and automated workflows are at the core of this solution.

We uphold a TIES concept in the way we do business. Our guiding principles articulate our shared values and beliefs and serve as a driving force behind our company’s initiatives and strategies.

T – Transparency: We promote a culture of full disclosure internally and externally.
I – Integrity: We do what we say.
E – Excellence: We take pride in delivering quality solutions and services.
S – Sustainability: We succeed by empowering our customers to attain long-term growth and success.

  • Predictive Analytics & Models 80%
  • Analytics as a Service 45%
  • Interactive Early Intervention Applications 95%

Our Work Flow

Data Masking & Extraction for Proof of Value

We can accept information from most information systems and databases. Processes and scripts are used to encrypt and extract information – masking personally identifiable information.

Predictive Analytics & Optimization

Our predictive models are developed by leveraging powerful data mining technologies and algorithms, in-depth analysis and automated models that run daily.

Reports & Dashboards

Solutions provided by most software companies are typically black boxed. We provide personalized dashboards and applications that allow access to models, framework and transformed data.

Transform the way you approach retention through the use of predictive models and early alert triggers.

Frequently Asked Questions

We aim to empower organizations by helping them expand their use of technology without the need to hire consultants on an annual basis. Training for creating predictive models can be provided to support other business goals such as financial and enterprise performance management goals.

Do you have additional questions that are not answered here? We would love to hear from you. Please feel free to email us at info@towerinsights.


What is your turn around time?

Full deployment and implementation of our solutions typically take eight to 12 weeks. This may vary depending on the information systems and databases your organization utilizes.

What kind of clients do you work with?

We typically provide services to distressed institutions of higher education who are tired of black-boxed solutions that claim to help them address their issues with student success and retention, but rarely deliver on their promise. We work with colleges and universities to help them establish models based on their institution’s unique needs and deploy faculty and student portals and dashboards that help them clearly track student progress to graduation.

Do you provide a la carte services?

While most of our services are provided as part of a package, we do provide some a la carte and consulting services, which include application development to complement one of our featured products and analytics-as-a-service.

Read how other organizations have used predictive models and early alert triggers to address retention and success.

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